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January, 1 Cuba, Liberation Day Fidel Castro takes power in 1959 and Spanish rule ends 1899
January, 1 Haiti, Declaration of independence from France 1804
January, 1 Sudan, Independence Day from the UK and the Egyptian Republic 1956
January, 8 Northern Mariana Islands United States, Commonwealth Day the constitutional government takes office 1978
January, 17 Minorca Spain, Alfonso III of Aragon took the island from Muslims 1287
January, 26 Australia, Date of the founding of Sydney, the first European settlement in Australia 1788
January, 26 India, Republic within the British Commonwealth 1950. 15 August Independence from the British 1947
January, 31 Nauru, Independence from the Australia NZ and UK-administered UN trusteeship 1968
February, 4 Sri Lanka, Independence Day from the UK 1948 still under name of Ceylon
February, 6 New Zealand, Waitangi Day signing of the Treaty of Waitangi 1840
February, 7 Grenada, Independence from UK 1974
February, 11 Iran, Victory of Islamic Revolution
February, 11 Japan, National Foundation Day, Jimmu the first emperor is crowned in year 660 BC
February, 15 Serbia, Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule 1804. First constitution 1835
February, 16 Lithuania, Independence from Russia and Germany 1918. 6 July the Kingdom of Mindaugas 1253.
February, 17 Kosovo,
February, 17 Libya, The revoultion against El-Gazafi
February, 18 Gambia, Independence Day from the UK 1965
February, 18 Nepal, Martyr's Day 28 May Nepal a federal republic 2008 earlier the king's birthday
February, 23 Brunei,
February, 23 Guyana, Republic Day also known as Mashramani republic 1970
February, 24 Estonia, Independence Day declaration of independence from the Russia 1918
February, 25 Kuwait, National Day. 26 February is Liberation Day from Iraq 1991
February, 27 Dominican Republic, independence from Haiti 1844 16 August Restoration Day independence from Spain 1865
February, 28 Andalusia Spain, Dia de Andalucia
March, 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dan nezavisnosti; Proclamation of independence from Yugoslavia in 1992
March, 1 Wales UK, St. David's Day
March, 2 Morocco, Independence from France 1956
March, 3 Bulgaria, Liberation Day autonomy within Ottoman Empire 1878
March, 6 Ghana, Independence Day from the UK 1957
March, 12 Mauritius, Independence Day independence from the UK 1968. Republic 1992
March, 15 Hungary, 1848 Revolution memorial day. 20 August St. Stephen's day. 23 October 1956 Revolution memorial
March, 17 Ireland, St. Patrick's Day
March, 17 Northern Ireland UK, St. Patrick's Day. 12 July Battle of the Boyne Day
March, 18 Aruba (NL), NL Flag Day. Autonomy within the Netherlands in 1948
March, 20 Tunisia, Declaration of independence from France 1956
March, 21 Kurdistan, Nawroz Kurdish New Year celebrated on the spring equinox
March, 21 Namibia, Independence Day from South African mandate 1990
March, 23 Pakistan, Resolution 1940. 14 August independence from British Indian Empire in 1947
March, 25 Greece, Independence from Ottoman Empire 1821. 28 October rejection of Italian ultimatum 1940
March, 26 Bangladesh, Independence from Pakistan in 1971. (16 December Victory Day for Liberation 1971)
March, 31 Malta, Freedom Day, withdrawal of British troops from Malta 1979
March, 31 United States Virgin Islands US, Transfer of the islands from Denmark to the United States 1917
April, 3 Guinea, Independence from France 1958 on 2 October
April, 4 Senegal, Independence from France 1960
April, 17 American Samoa, US Flag Day
April, 17 Syria, Evacuation Day from France 1946.
April, 18 Zimbabwe, Independence from the UK 1980
April, 23 Aragon Spain, St George's Day
April, 23 England United Kingdom, St George's Day patron saint of England not a bank holiday
April, 24 Vatican City, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as the 265th Pope 2005
April, 25 Italy, Partisans liberate Genoa Milan and Tourin from German troops in 1945 .
April, 27 Sierra Leone, Independence from the UK 1961
April, 27 South Africa, First democratic general election 1994
April, 27 Togo, Independence from the French-administered UN trusteeship 1960
April, 28 Sardinia Italy, Celebrating the Uprising of 1794
April, 30 Netherlands, Queen Juliana's birthday. 5 May Liberation Day from Nazi Germany in 1945
April, 30 Netherlands Antilles, Queen Juliana's birthday
May, 1 Marshall Islands, Constitution Day 1979
May, 3 Poland, S'wie;to Konstytucji 1791. 11 November Independence in 1918
May, 9 Alderney Guernsey (UK), Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945
May, 9 Guernsey and Dependencies British Islands, Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945
May, 9 Herm, Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945
May, 9 Jersey, Liberation Day the end of the German Occupation 1945
May, 9 Sark Guernsey British Islands, Liberation Day
May, 14 Israel, Around, acording to Yom Ha'atzmaut proclamation of independence from the British 1948
May, 14 Paraguay, Independence from Spain in 1811
May, 17 Norway, Constitution Day the signing of the first Norwegian Constitution in Eidsvoll 1814
May, 20 Cameroon, National Day creation of a unitary state 1972
May, 20 East Timor, Independence from Indonesia in 2002
May, 22 Yemen, North and South Yemen are unified as the Republic of Yemen 1990
May, 24 Bermuda UK, Originally Queen Victoria's birthday
May, 24 Eritrea, Eritrean rebels enter the capital Asmara 1991; independence from Ethiopia 1993
May, 25 Argentina, First Patriotic Government. 9 July Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1816
May, 25 Jordan, Independence Day from the UK 1946
May, 26 Georgia, Day of First Republic declaration of independence from Russia 1918
May, 28 Armenia, Independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic 1918
May, 28 Azerbaijan, Republic Day independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic 1918
May, 28 Ethiopia, Downfall of the Derg Day the Derg regime is defeated 1991
May, 30 Anguilla (UK), Anguilla Day; the beginning of the Anguillian Revolution in 1967
June, 1 Samoa,
June, 4 Tonga, Emancipation Day abolition of serfdom 1862 independence from the UK 1970
June, 5 Denmark, No official National Day. 5 June Constitution of 1849
June, 6 Sweden, Gustav Vasa is elected King of Sweden 1523 the constitutions of 1809 and 1974
June, 8 Norfolk Island Australia, Second settlement established everybody from the Pitcairn Islands
June, 10 Portugal, Nationan poet de Luis de Camoes dies in 1580
June, 12 Philippines, Independence from Spain in 1898
June, 12 Russian Federation - Russia, Law priority over Soviet Union
June, 14 Falkland Islands UK, Liberation Day the end of the Falklands War 1982
June, 17 Iceland, National Day founding of republic and dissolution of union with Denmark 1944
June, 18 Seychelles, National Day
June, 21 Greenland Denmark, Longest Day of the Year. Introduced 1983
June, 23 Luxembourg, the Monarch's birthday
June, 24 Québec Canada, National Holiday since 1977
June, 24 Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Feast of St. John The Baptist Patron Saint
June, 25 Croatia, Statehood Day declaration of independence from Yugoslavia 1991
June, 25 Mozambique, Independence from Portugal 1975
June, 25 Slovenia, Independence from Yugoslavia 1991
June, 26 Madagascar, Independence from France 1960
June, 27 Djibouti, Independence from France 1977
June, 30 Democratic Republic of Congo, Independence from Belgium in 1960
July, 1 British Virgin Islands UK,
July, 1 Burundi, Independence from Belgium in 1962
July, 1 Canada, First confederation of four provinces 1867
July, 1 Hong Kong, Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC 1997.
July, 1 Madeira Day, Autonomy from Portugal
July, 1 Rwanda, Independence from Belgium in 1962
July, 1 Somalia, Foundation of the Republic from Italy and the formation of Somali Republic 1960
July, 2 Curaçao Kingdom of the Netherlands, The first elected island council is instituted 1954
July, 3 Belarus, Independence Day (liberation of Minsk from German occupation 1944)
July, 4 United States, Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain 1776
July, 5 Isle of Man British Islands, Tynwald parliament annual meeting
July, 5 Venezuela, Independence from Spain 1811
July, 6 Comoros, Independence from France 1975
July, 6 Malawi, Independence Day from the UK 1964; and Republic Day 1966
July, 7 Solomon Islands, Independence Day from UK 1978
July, 9 Palau, Constitution Day the world's first nuclear-free constitution 1981;
July, 9 South Sudan, Independence Day from Sudan 2011
July, 10 Bahamas, Independence from the UK in 1973
July, 11 Mongolia, Independence from China 1921,
July, 12 Kiribati, Independence from the UK in 1979
July, 12 São Tomé and Príncipe, Independence from Portugal 1975
July, 13 Montenegro, Independence 1878. 21 May independence on the referendum in 2006
July, 14 France, Fête de la Fédération 14 July 1790
July, 14 French Guyana, Fête de la Fédération. 20 December Abolition of slavery day
July, 14 Guadeloupe France, Bastille Day 27 May Abolition of slavery day regional only[6]
July, 14 Martinique France, Bastille Day. 22 May Abolition of slavery day regional only[6]
July, 14 Mayotte France, Bastille Day
July, 14 New Caledonia France, Bastille Day
July, 14 Réunion France, Bastille Day
July, 14 Saint Pierre and Miquelon France, Bastille Day
July, 20 Colombia, Declaration of independence from Spain 1810
July, 21 Belgium, Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld first king of the Belgians in 1831
July, 21 Guam US, Liberation Day Americans landing 1944
July, 23 Egypt, Revolution 1952. 6 October Armed Forces Day the beginning of the October War 1973
July, 25 Puerto Rico, Constitution Day 1952.
July, 26 Liberia, Proclamation of the Republic: independence from the United States 1847
July, 28 Peru, Independence from Spain in 1821
July, 29 Faroe Islands, Ólavsøkam Saint Olaf's death in 1030: opening of the Løgting
July, 30 Vanuatu, Independence from the United Kingdom and France 1980
August, 1 Benin, Independence from France in 1960
August, 1 Switzerland, Alliance against the Holy Roman Empire 1291 between Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden
August, 4 Burkina Faso, change of name from Upper Volta in 1984 Independence from France in 1960 is 5 August
August, 4 Cook Islands, Self-government in free association with New Zealand 1965
August, 6 Bolivia, Proclamation of Republic independent from Spain in 1825
August, 7 Côte d'Ivoire, Independence from France 1960
August, 9 Singapore, Independence from Malaysia 1965
August, 10 Ecuador, Proclamation of independence from Spain 1809
August, 11 Balochistan Pakistan, Independence from India in 1947
August, 11 Chad, Independence from France 1960
August, 15 Liechtenstein, The Hereditary Prince becomes Regent 2004
August, 15 Republic of the Congo, Independence from France in 1960
August, 15 South Korea, Liberation from Japanese 1945 AND the birth of the South Korean state 1948
August, 17 Gabon, Independence from France 1960
August, 17 Indonesia, Proclamation of Independence day from Japan and the Netherlands 1945
August, 19 Afghanistan, Independence from UK control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919
August, 24 Ukraine, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991
August, 25 Uruguay, Independence from Portugal 1825
August, 27 Moldova, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991
August, 29 Slovakia, Uprising against Nazi Germany 1944. 1 September independence from Czechoslovakia 1993
August, 30 Tatarstan, Declaration of independence from the RSFSR 1990
August, 30 Turks and Caicos Islands UK, Constitution Day 1976
August, 31 Kyrgyzstan, Independence Day declaration of independence from the USSR in 1991
August, 31 Malaysia, Independence from the UK 1957. 16 September the formation of Malaysia
August, 31 Trinidad and Tobago, Independence Day from the UK 1962
September, 1 Uzbekistan, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991
September, 2 Transnistria, Independence from the Moldova 1990
September, 2 Vietnam, Independence from France and Japan 1945
September, 3 San Marino, Independence from the Roman Empire in year 301 traditional date
September, 6 Swaziland, Independence Day from the UK 1968
September, 7 Brazil, Dia da Independência de Portugal en 1822
September, 8 Andorra, Our Lady of Meritxell Day, patron saint of Andorra
September, 8 Macedonia, Independence from Yugoslavia 1991
September, 9 North Korea, declaration of a democratic people's republic 1948
September, 9 Tajikistan, Independence Day declaration of independence from the Soviet Union 1991
September, 10 Belize, Independence from the UK in 1981
September, 10 Gibraltar UK, People of Gibraltar vote to reject Spanish sovereignty or association 1967
September, 11 Catalonia Spain, Catalonia loses its independence and constitutions after the fall of Barcelona 1714
September, 12 Cape Verde,
September, 15 Costa Rica, Independence from Spain 1821
September, 15 El Salvador, Independence from Spain 1821
September, 15 Guatemala, Independence from Spain 1821
September, 15 Honduras, Independence from Kingdom of Spain 1821
September, 15 Nicaragua, Independence from Spain 1821
September, 16 Mexico, Grito de Dolores declaration of independence from Spain 1810
September, 16 Papua New Guinea, Independence from Australia in 1975
September, 18 Chile, The first Government Junta is created 1810
September, 19 St Kitts and Nevis, Independence from the UK 1983
September, 22 Mali, Independence from the Mali Federation 1960
September, 23 Saudi Arabia, Unification of the kingdoms Nejd and Hejaz 1932
September, 24 Guinea-Bissau, Declaration of independence from Portugal 1973
September, 30 Botswana, Independence from the UK in 1966
October, 1 Cyprus, Independence Day 1960
October, 1 Nigeria, Independence Day from UK 1960 and republic 1963. 29 May Democracy Day 1999
October, 1 People's Republic of China, Proclamation of People's Republic of China 1949
October, 1 Tuvalu, Independence from the Gilbert Islands Kiribati 1975 and the UK 1978
October, 3 Germany, German Unity Day unification of West Germany and East Germany 1990
October, 3 Iraq, Independence from UK 1932
October, 4 Lesotho, Independence from the UK 1966
October, 9 Uganda, Independence from the UK 1962
October, 10 Fiji, Fiji Day independence from UK 1970
October, 10 Republic of China, Anniversary of the Wuchang Uprising
October, 10 Republic of China, The Wuchang Uprising that led to founding of the Republic of China 1911
October, 12 Equatorial Guinea, Independence from Spain 1968
October, 12 Spain, Columbus discovery of America 1492
October, 19 Niue,
October, 24 Zambia, Independence from the UK 1964
October, 25 Basque Country Spain, Day of the Basque Country official from 2011
October, 25 Kazakhstan, Republic Day declared sovereign republic within the USSR 1990
October, 26 Austria, The Neutrality Constitution of 1955
October, 27 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Independence Day from UK 1979
October, 27 Turkmenistan, Independence from the Soviet Union 1991
October, 28 Czech Republic, Independence from Austria-Hungary as Czechoslovakia 1918
October, 29 Turkey, Republican constitution 1923
November, 1 Algeria, Start of the War of Independence in 1954
November, 1 Antigua and Barbuda, Independence from the UK in 1981
November, 3 Dominica, Independence from the UK 1978 discovered by Christopher Columbus 1493
November, 3 Micronesia Federated States of, Independence Day from the US-administered UN Trusteeship 1979
November, 3 Panama, Separation Day declaration of independence from Colombia 1903
November, 9 Cambodia, Independence from France in 1953
November, 11 Angola, Independence from Portugal in 1975
November, 11 St. Maarten Kingdom of the Netherlands,
November, 15 Palestine,
November, 15 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Declaration of independence from the Cyprus 1983
November, 18 Latvia, Declaration of independence from Russia 1918
November, 18 Oman, Birthday of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said of Oman
November, 19 Monaco, The levée of Prince Albert II 2005
November, 22 Lebanon, Independence from France 1943. 25 May Liberation Day from Israel 2000
November, 25 Suriname, Independence Day from the Netherlands 1975
November, 28 Albania, Dita e Pavarësisë Declaration of independence from Ottoman rule in 1912
November, 28 Mauritania, Independence Day from France 1960
November, 30 Barbados, Independence Day from the UK in 1966
November, 30 Scotland UK, St. Andrew's Day
December, 1 Central African Republic, Autonomous territory within the French Community 1958
December, 1 Romania, Union Day unification with Transylvania 1918
December, 2 Laos, National Day people's republic declared 1975
December, 2 United Arab Emirates, Independence from the UK 1971
December, 3 Saba, Netherlands
December, 5 Thailand, birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej
December, 6 Finland, Independence Day declaration of independence from Russia 1917
December, 9 Tanzania, Independence Day 1961
December, 12 Kenya, Independence Day from the UK 1963;
December, 13 St Lucia, Independence from UK 1979. The saint's day
December, 15 Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kingdom day signing of the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands 1954
December, 16 Bahrain, Accession Day for the late Amir Sh. Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa
December, 17 Bhutan, Ugyen Wangchuck elected hereditary king 1907
December, 18 Niger, Republic Day autonomous state within the French Community 1958
December, 18 Qatar, The assumption of power of Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed al-Thani in 1878
December, 20 Macau, Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC 1999.

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